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The FOLIANT Gulliver C 520A is a fully automatic industrial laminating machine (feeder, laminator and separator) equipped with a pneumatic system of laminating rollers pressure with an easy thrust control. A small compressor is integrated inside the machine frame. The machine has been designed with an operating width of 520 mm and it represents an ideal choice for professional single side lamination in small and medium sized printing shops). Maximum speed is up to 15 meters/min.

The machine’s main feature is a pneumatic pressure system in a heavy duty mechanism enabling to achieve a very high working pressure, one single phase 220 – 240 V supply cable, a small integrated compressor inside the machine frame (i.e. no external source of pressured air is required), a nice design and an easy machine operation. Due to high pressure system the laminator is suitable for laminating the digital printing machines outputs and due to its format it suitable for laminating the offset printed sheets B2+ size too (the largest format is 52 x 74 cm).

The machine is supplied with a modular stand covered with a nicely designed side panels as a standard accessory. An RU 530Reception Unit and/or a Jogger 530 for storing the laminated sheets can be supplied as an option. The machine requires a minimum floor space of 100 x 350 cm (including the RU or Jogger).


The FOLIANT Gulliver C 520A is equipped with a sophisticated vacuum belt rising pile (35 cm) front separation automatic sheet feeder which increases operating comfort of the machine and its performance. The feeder is equipped with an „in run“ overlaps control knob, a Becker vacuum pump and a capacitance control sensor. The Becker vacuum pump is used for sheets front airing and for vacuum belt. The overlaps are controlled in an „in-run“ mode. The accuracy is +/- 2 mm under-lap (in a constant speed). The feeder is fitted with a lifting plate and its capacity is a 35 cm pile of paper.


The FOLIANT Gulliver C 520A laminator maximum sheet size is 52 x 74 cm. The minimum sheet size is 30 x 25 cm (A4). The roll of a film is mounted on an easy handle shaft with a film tension control breaker. The shaft capacity is up to 3000 m of the 24 - 31 microns film. The film holder unit is equipped with a trim slitter and a perforating wheel.

The laminating process is done between two laminating rollers - a highly polished chrome roller, and a lower hard rubber pressure roller. The laminating roller is heated with an infra-red heating spiral, with a sensitive contact temperature sensor. The pressure is pneumatically adjustable to achieve an extra high pressure between the laminating rollers. A small compressor is integrated inside the machine frame.

The laminating unit is equipped with an adjustable decurl unit with a blade for offset printed sheets decurling. It can be optionally extended with a decurl roller, see options.


The belt separator (sheeter) is equipped with a separating roller. The process is controlled with an extra speed control knob and a deflection wheel angle. The separated sheets are delivered into a Reception Unit or a vibrating Jogger (options).

Laminating Films

The machine laminates the BOPP films (23 – 42 microns) and Nylon films (max. 35 microns).


  • Reception Unit RU530 (optional)*

It is a simple adjustable reception unit for stocking the laminated sheets.

  • Jogger 530 (optional)*

It is an adjustable vibrating reception unit for the laminated sheets stocking. Its capacity is limited up to a 10 cm pile of sheets.

  • Film Supply Roll Shaft (optional)

Extra Film Supply Roll Shaft for quicker film replacement.

  • Decurl Roller (optional)

Decurl roller is an additional roller placed on a decurl bar for digital printed sheets decurling (to prevent scratches on sheets printed on both sides by digital print with sensitive inks). The maximum width of laminated sheets is limited to 49x74cm.

*Important – the machine must be operated either with a RU530 or with a Jogger 530. 

Jogger 530RU 530Supply roll shaft 




15 m / min



Sistema de Alimentação

Esteira e vácuo

Capacidade Bandeja de Alimentação

35 cm

Controlador de velocidade

Painel de controle

Precisão do contador

+ / - 2 mm




115 - 350 g/m2

Sistema de pressão dos rolos


Compressor independente embutido


Min. entrada de papel

30 x 25 cm

Max. entrada de papel

52 x 74 cm

Max. performance

1300 B2 / h

Temperature control

80 - 140°C

Tempo de aquecimento

5 min

Tensão de Energia

230 V AC, 50-60 Hz


3500 W

Ocupação de piso

100 x 350 cm


340 kg

Jogger 530


Reception Unit 530





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